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AirFlow Stain Removal

Modern society is constantly reminded of the beauty of bright white teeth thanks to the influx of celebrity media and social networking images that we take in daily. For some, a simple teeth whitening session can create the desired look, helping you feel confident in your skin. However, others who have heavily stained teeth aren’t always quite so lucky, and stains that cover the enamel surface pores are unlikely to respond to whitening. This is where AirFlow Stain Removal comes in.

What Is AirFlow Stain Removal?

AirFlow Stain Removal is a stain removal system that tackles dark brown, yellow or grey marks on the teeth that are clearly visible but difficult to remove using regular teeth whitening methods. Based on the

use of a jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles, the system gently polishes away any surface staining from the teeth, leaving behind a bright white smile that couldn’t have been achieved in any other way.

AirFlow is an increasingly popular method of teeth cleaning for those with severe stains, such as smokers or people suffering from genetically darker teeth that require more force to remove stains. Some stubborn food stains are also tackled, and the most common stains that can be removed using AirFlow include tea, coffee, tobacco, wine and curry.

The Benefits of AirFlow Stain Removal

Unlike traditional teeth whitening, AirFlow stain removal can tackle more severe and long-term stains that have been left behind after teeth whitening. With the help of a compressed jet, the dentist can create a bright white smile in a matter of moments, making it an ideal treatment to book before a big event or a meeting at work so you can feel confident.

AirFlow stain removal is also a fast and painless procedure, removing debris, stains and plaque instantly to reveal a Hollywood smile any celebrity would be proud to call their own. An ideal budget option, AirFlow is also an affordable method of removing teeth stains, so you can book the treatment as often as you need without breaking the bank.


The Stain Removal Procedure

1. As part of the AirFlow Stain Removal process, the Dentist will first assess your teeth to ensure they are appropriate for AirFlow.

2. Once accepted for the treatment, our Hygiene & Therapist will blast a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at the surface of your teeth to provide a gentle polish of the surface and remove any debris.

3. During the treatment, your teeth will also have any superficial stains gently removed, helping to deliver a bright smile in an instant.

Is AirFlow Stain Removal Right For Me?

It can be hard to feel confident if you are unhappy with your smile, particularly if you want to flaunt it at an upcoming event, imminent meeting or much-anticipated date. Some patients may prefer teeth whitening to AirFlow, but for many patients with mild to moderate tooth stains, this can be sufficient enough.


What sort of stains can be removed using AirFlow?

Almost any type of stain can be removed with the help of the AirFlow Stain Removal system. Common examples of stains that require professional removal include tea, coffee and cigarettes, and these are some of the first to be removed during an AirFlow session. AirFlow is also capable of removing stains caused by genetic susceptibility to darker teeth, as well as the more severe stains that can be caused by a medicine.

Is AirFlow painful?

No. AirFlow is a painless treatment that can be completed in around 20 minutes. Just like regular teeth whitening, AirFlow Stain Removal does not require anaesthetic or any other type of pain management, even in nervous patients.