Sprotbrough Dental Practice

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Our Promise

Our promise to you at Sprotbrough Dental Practice

  • Provision of consistently high quality general dental services to the whole general public
  • Respect patients wishes, choices and dignity by explaining procedures thoroughly and clearly, alternatives and costs
  • Ensure all information about each patient is kept strictly confidential and protected appropriately
  • All staff are suitably trained, registered and qualified. All staff contribute to their own continuing professional development to keep skills ad knowledge up to date.
  • Ensure the long term maintenance of patients oral health is at the forefront.
  • Patients are referred for further treatment appropriately, effectively and efficiently.
  • Regular staff meeting are implemented for the maintenance and development of the practice with regards to patients overall care.
  • Education in the prevention of common oral diseases is provided at examinations.
  • To provide smoking cessation advice and general health advice with particular attention to the oral health of the patients.
  • Ensure an oral cancer screening for all patients who have an examination
  • All patients wishes and suggestions are welcomed to meet high expectations.
  • All patients complaints are respected and dealt with promptly and appropriately.
  • All staff practice cross-contamination prevention according to the Department of Health’s HTM 01-05 Memorandum and British Dental Associations guidelines
  • All staff and patients will have general health and safety maintained.